CCIS Centre for Entrepreneurship

We work it out, so you achieve your dreams.

CCIS Centre for Entrepreneurship

The CCIS Centre for Entrepreneurship brings together newcomer small business owners and the local Calgary business community to encourage and support newcomer entrepreneurialism.

Global perspectives for a more vibrant local business community


Monthly Business Workshops

Focused on the business development lifecycle stages, workshop topics are tailored to deliver the most needed information and guidance to newcomer entrepreneurs. The interactive workshops provide the opportunity to solidify new knowledge by practicing applying the business principles in a supportive, shared learning environment.

Research Resource Lab

The CCIS Centre for Entrepreneurship is equipped with an onsite Research Resource Lab. The Lab provides aspiring entrepreneurs with opportunities to increase their access to technology, a crucial element for business development. The Research Resource Lab also enables for real-time communication with the broader business community and the ability to access information needed to support further learning and skill development.

On-Site Business Coaching

The on-site Entrepreneurial Strategist provides one-on-one customized business coaching for clients to support them in building capacity and achieving their business goals.

Access to Business Experts

Insights and advice from an experienced business professional is an asset for your business. Being matched with a local business mentor can help you expand your network and assist you to position yourself, and your business, for success.