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CCIS is a non-profit organization that has been offering settlement and integration support to immigrants and refugees in Southern Alberta for over 35 years. Each year, CCIS serves over 11,000 newcomers. We are the largest immigrant-serving agency in Alberta and the fourth largest in Canada.

Our mission is to provide newcomers with the resources and support they need to become active and contributing members of Canadian society, and to transition into their new lives in Southern Alberta with a sense of dignity and self-worth. Our programs and services are enriched by the engagement of our government funders, local employers, community partners and dedicated volunteers.

CCIS’ Business, Employment and Training Services (BETS) Division develops innovative programs and services to help immigrants and refugees become active and vital contributors within our local labour market. This includes recognizing and supporting entrepreneurialism among newcomers.

The Small Business for Newcomer Entrepreneurs initiative began with the objective to create platforms for newcomer professionals and entrepreneurs to integrate into the Calgary labour market by enhancing social capital and creating valuable connections within the business community.

About Us

CCIS’ Small Business for Newcomer Entrepreneurs initiative grows and promotes new businesses thereby strengthening an increasingly diversified local economy.

• Vision

Redefining dreams to reality for immigrant entrepreneurs.

• Mission

Guiding independent immigrant entrepreneurs to discover, develop and thrive.


Building business fundamentals

Gaining education and mentorship

Practising social, cultural, and ethical awareness

Enhancing community connections

With the goal to increase newcomer entrepreneurialism as small business ownership creates opportunities for meaningful economic participation and supports economic diversification.

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Khatereh Ramouzi
Khatereh RamouziEntrepreneurial Strategist Networking for Success Program Facilitator
Tatjana Beocanin
Tatjana BeocaninMentorship for Integration Coordinator

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Enrique Sobalvarro
Enrique Sobalvarro
Marion Hill
Marion Hill
Gursher Pannu
Gursher Pannu
Shauna Uyesugi
Shauna Uyesugi
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Joseph Macdonald
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Shawn Simlik